Our story

SpirulinaNord ir founded by two researchers - Agnese and Krist─źne. Krist─źne has a great experience in biotech and innovative industrial solution design. Agnese has a great experience in various chemical engineering tasks and organization of events. With our third co-founder Kaspars business experience we have developed start-up for growing spirulina in Latvia.

We have read so many studies on spirulina great effects to our health, tried it by our selves, so we believe that everybody should try FRESH and TASTY spirulina. It is time to forget smelly spirulina powder.

Our mission is to develop sustainable growth system and to spread spirulina love in closest reagion.

Our moto "Food is for health".

Our vision is to offer fresh spirulina in various products. To cooperate with experienced food industry partners and make spirulina a common ingredient.

SpirulinaNord technology

  • Unique system to grow spirulina indoors in cool climate.
  • Reduced contamination, water and mineral consumptiondue to closed system comparing to open ponds.
  • High control to ensure the best quality.
We grow in the north, closer to you, to ensure a fresher product and less transportation pollution in the world.

Thanks for support